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Program Introduction

"Interdisciplinary Talent" is a trending topic for nowadays. In response to the diversity of the future workplace, and enable the students of the program to develop adaptively, the curriculum design planning is divided into three main modules, which cultivate different abilities, including Media Design, Social Media Management, and Planning Management. In line with the core competencies of this program, students with different needs can choose according to their interests, so they can develop adaptively.

Media Design Module

Focus on the cultivation of media creation, interactive media production, and ad copy writing, to become a digital media designer with big data application ability and marketing thinking.

Graduation approach includes Web Design, UX/UI Design, Creative Director, Consumer Behavior Researcher.

Social Media Management

In a digital business environment, rationally analyze big data and apply it to the operation of social platforms, let enterprises effectively implement virtual and real integration, and use the advantages of Social Media Management to introduce consumers into business activities.

At the same time, it also maintains customer relationships and creates maximum profits in the business model.

Graduation approach includes Community Planning, Marketing Analysts, Content Strategists, Social Media Strategists, And Data Analysts.

Planning Management

It mainly cultivates talents with strategic planning ability, so that students with strong logical thinking ability can invest in the fields of marketing planning and project management, and learn more in-depth courses such as organization, finance, accounting, proposal, and R&D strategy, and integrate these abilities into application in Practical work in various fields.

Graduation path includes advertising planning, public relations planning, product planning, project management engineer, digital marketing manager, and SEO strategist.


Digital Marketing Design Course Planning Concept