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Prospect After Graduation

update date : 2022-05-30

Workplace Combat Training

Functional-Based Curriculum Learning Map

Establish a functional-based course learning map according to the employment direction of graduates, guide students to take module course electives according to their learning interests in school period, as well as obtaining industry-recognized professional certification to meet the professional knowledge and skills required for employment.

Pre-Internship Workplace Literacy Training

To strengthen the students' ability related to workplace literacy before and during the internship, a series of " Professionalism Prior to Practical Training" courses are offered to train how to deal with things, cultivate teamwork spirit and professional ethics, and " Learning by Doing" to cultivate professional skills and practical experience.

One-Year Professional Practice Internship

Students go to internship partner companies for professional practical internship during their junior year. Through the learning of practical skills, they can improve their ability to solve problems and their perseverance to break through difficulties.

Comprehensive Employment Counseling

Provide interview skills guidance, resume health check, workplace ethics, clothing and grooming lectures, job-seeking lectures, employment orientation tests and other comprehensive employment counseling for students who are about to graduate, so that students can be fully prepared before entering the workplace and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace.

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